I’m Innocent!

Our text today is taken from Romans 4:8.  Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

im innocentIf you watch many cop shows, after a while you will notice a pattern of the many suspects and criminals taken into custody.  They seem to be all innocent.  They will tell the officer that they are innocent.  They will tell their friends that they are innocent.  They will tell the judges they are innocent, knowing they did commit the crime and they will even tell the inmates that they are incarcerated with that they are innocent.

The point is that they are not innocent.  When you commit a crime you are not innocent and you must pay for the crime.  It is said, “Commit the crime, and do the time.”

That’s the way it is when we are all born.  We are all born with a sin nature and a willingness to sin, therefore in God’s eyes we are not innocent.   All have sinned according to the Bible.  (Read Romans 3:10,12, & 23.) However, the good news is from our text.  If the Lord does not impute (charge) sin to us then we are indeed innocent.  This only takes place if you recognize your sinfulness and sinful nature and then call on the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you and save you from your sin.

He died to pay for our sins and was buried and rose from the dead to show He defeated death and by simple faith in Him we can be saved, if we want to be.  If one does get saved, from that point on sin is not imputed to them and then they are truly innocent.

Praise God for the wonderful doctrine of imputation.

Can you truly say, “I’m Innocent?”

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My Portion

My text will come from Psalm 73:26.  My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

our-neighborI noticed this verse shortly after I had my heart attack in 2009.  I saw that even if my heart fails it is God that can keep it going.  I have known some of God’s children that have had 7 to 9 heart attacks and they are still alive.  What is that?  The Lord is sustaining them to do a job.  It is the Lord that is the strength of their hearts.

And then further in our text the Psalmist speaks of the Lord being his portion for ever.

We all want our fair share and portions whether it is on our jobs, among friends and co-workers, or even among our own family members.  We want what is coming to us.  That’s just the way we are.  Unfortunately, many times fighting over our portion can cause hard feelings or grudges that last for years or in some cases forever.  Sad but true.  We want or portion.

In the Bible the Psalmist says that his portion is the Lord himself.  When you get analyzing the thing that is all you need.  If you have the Lord you have access to the world and the universe.  There is nothing more.

God supplies your needs along with many of your wants.  Clothing, food, transportation, jobs, homes, money, friends and loved ones, and even your health God supplies you.

He will give you eternal life if you want it.  What else is there?  What else is more important?

May God help you to see that if the Lord is your portion you have all you need.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  Psalm 23:1.



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Living on Borrowed Time

Our text is from Luke 12:20. But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?living on borrowed time

We have used this text before but this time I want to use it to illustrate how uncertain our lives can be.

The man in the text was living on borrowed time. He just never stopped long enough to think about it. He was too busy thinking about other things. This man thought he had plenty of time to enjoy his retirement but he was so wrong. He had money and lots of possessions, so much so that he didn’t’ have room for it all so he decided to build a bigger barn to store all of his goods. He got to the place where he wanted to enjoy life but at this point God required his soul. God said that he was a fool to spend all his time on himself and his possessions. He never thought about the things of God. So now that his soul was going to make a journey to face God what good did his possessions do him?

I work with so many guys that think about phones, video games, movies, yards, houses, cars, and other amusements.  They never think about the Lord.

That’s what our Lord warned us about a few verses before this. Covetousness. And he said to beware of it. It will get you in trouble and it will get you to run after things that will lead you to a dead end.

This man didn’t know it but he was on borrowed time… as all of us are.  From the time we are born till the Lord calls us home we are on his time.

What are you going to do with the time that he has allotted you?

Remember the Lord may very well require your soul today.

Make sure you are ready to meet him.

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The Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Our text will come from Matthew 19:22.  But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

the-once-in-a-life-time-opportunityA man comes to Jesus to ask a question about eternal life and the Lord gives him the answer.

After he received his answer the man is said to have walked away from a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He could and should have taken heed to the answer and advice of the Lord but instead he passed up the chance of a lifetime.

It is not known if the man ever repented of his bad decision or if he ever changed his mind about eternal life.  As for as we know the man died, went out in eternity, passing up the chance of a lifetime.  It looks like that he passed up eternal life by choosing his own ways and paths hoping that would get him through.  It won’t.  Not for him or you.

Jesus said that he was the way to Heaven in John 14:6.  Not a way or one of many ways but “the way.” The man came across “the way” and decided to go another direction because he didn’t want to give up his life style.  So he passed up his chance of a lifetime.  How foolish and heartbreaking.

Friend, what about you?   Would you care enough about your own soul to get saved today or will you go in another direction hoping for the best.  Don’t pass up Jesus.

Don’t pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You will be sorry!

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The Worst Thing You Can Do

Our text is taken from 2nd Corinthians 6:2…behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)

the worse thing you can doMost of us have many things in this life we want to do and accomplish.  Whether it is furthering your education, taking a trip around the world, getting a better job, raising a family, or even retiring, we all have some things that we, given enough time, would like to accomplish.  But that is the key.  Time.  We can do most anything we want…if we have the time.

Now that I’m growing older I now realize that I no longer have enough time to do all the things that I would like to do.  My time is running out so I will have to do what I can and let the rest go.  Now I have big decisions to make.  Now I have to prioritize my ‘want to do’ list.  What is important and what is not so important.

That is where getting saved becomes the number one priority.

Our text says “now” is the time and “now” is the day of getting saved, not tomorrow.

If you want to know what the worst thing you can do is, I can tell you.

Don’t get saved today.

If the devil can convince you to wait till tomorrow or some other time, for you it may be too late because you have no guarantees that you will wake up tomorrow.  You may not make it to see another sunrise.

Get saved today because it is your eternity that is at stake.  You don’t have tomorrow for sure but you do have today.

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A Balanced Diet

Our text for today will come from Job 23:12. …I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

a balanced-dietWe all like to eat and many live to eat instead of eating to live.  Our food sustains us and keeps us going.  However we need a balanced diet to maintain good health.  That is we need our carbohydrates, protein, water, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and yes you need a certain amount of fat.  These items are important for our physical bodies but our text says that the word of God is more  important than the very food that we consume.  Why?  The Bible is likened to a balanced diet.

Here are the verses.

  1. Sweetener—Proverbs 24:13 and Psalm119:123.
  2. Protein—Hebrews 5:12-14.  In this passage another item is mentioned and that is…
  3. Milk—See also 1st Peter 2:2.
  4. Fruit—Proverbs 25:7.
  5. Minerals—Psalm 119:9-10.  Proverbs 25:11.
  6. Water—Proverbs 25:25 and Ephesians 5:36.
  7. Carbohydrates—Deuteronomy 8:3.                                                            May God help you to eat a balanced diet.
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