15 Years to Live

Our text today comes from Isaiah 38:5   …I will add unto thy days fifteen years.

great day in the morningIn the context king Hezekiah, one of the best kings Judah ever had, had gotten sick and the Lord told him to set his house in order because he was going to die.  He prays and reminds the Lord of all his good deeds he had done.  The Lord hears and grants him 15 additional years.  Although he was given more time to live, yet by studying his life after that you will find out it would had been better if God would have called him on home when he got sick.

 Hezekiah has visitors (which would become future enemies) from a far country and he shows them his riches and all his precious things and even his military might, and because of this the whole land is taken captivity.   (You don’t show your enemies your strengths because by this they know your weaknesses)                                                                              Hezekiah has a son, Manasseh, that reigns 55 years and is probably the worst king Judah ever had.  At least he reigns the longest and institutes all the bad things that his father had taken away and adds a few horrible things of his own.

The lessons for us are clear.  The will of God is right even if we don’t think it is.                Sometimes God grants us our request just to show us that he knows what is best for us and others.

God thinks about others too.                                                                                                            Our lives touches others too and it is not just about us.

Hezekiah was selfish in his thinking because after he found out what would happen to his nation in the future because of his survival, he was glad that nothing was going to happen to him during his own life.  He just didn’t seem to care about what would happen afterwards.  We think like this most of the time.  We only think about the hear and now, never mind tomorrow.  

We may not understand why the Lord does the things he does but he knows best.

 So I have a question:                                                                                                                             If you knew you had just 15 years to live what would you do with it?
Would you serve the Lord or yourself?  Would you think of others or only yourself?

The problem is… you may not have 15 years left.  You may have less.


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