Things We Take For Granted

Our text comes from 2nd Corinthians 1:21-22.                                                                              Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;                    1:22 Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.

things we take for granted





As Americans we take so much for granted, then when it’s gone we miss them.

  1. Our Parents.  You only have 2 real ones.
  2. Our other family members.  They won’t be around forever.
  3. A good church to go to.  (Bible believing and preaching)  They are few and far between.
  4. Our Bibles and the freedom to read them.   It is banned in some countries and very rare in others.  Here in America; if we need a new one we can just go down to the bookstore and get one.
  5. Our health.  If you have your health, you are rich for even rich folks have health issues that they would give all they have to cure themselves or their loved ones.
  6. Lungs that perform right. Many people can’t get a good breath of air for medical reasons.  I know because I still have periods of shortness of breath.  It is very unpleasant.
  7. A good heart.  Some have hearts that are weak, diseased, and have malfunctions.  Without your heart you are dead.
  8. Good knees.  Many can hardly walk and are in pain because of bad knees.
  9. Good eyes.  Lose them and then you will see their value.
  10. Normal bowel movements.  Some can’t go like the rest of us.  They use bags or have other difficulties.
  11. Good ears.  You miss a lot if you don’t have good hearing.
  12. Hands.  Try living without them.
  13. Feet.  Try going somewhere without them.
  14. Water out of the tap that is not contaminated.  Some folks in some countries have to boil the water that they do get.   Folks in some countries have an hour in the morning where they have a pump to get the water to their village and then it might not come on due to the next thing on our list.
  15. Electricity.  Try cooking with out it.  Forget your computers and phones.  No TVs and no movies.  No clean water.  No lights.
  16. Bible promises.  Just like our text says.   If we are saved we are sealed and justified, adopted, sanctified. predestined, redeemed, forgiven, placed in Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places, and when we die we will be with Jesus Christ physically and geographically.  We have the promise that Jesus will come back one day.  GLORY!
  17. We take our salvation for granted.  Most are not saved and they have a hope so religion.  We have the Lord with us and in us.  That’s not the case with unsaved people.   The wrath of God is on them constantly.  (Read John 3:36)
  18. And finally, we take our bodies and life for granted.  Our bodies don’t last forever and we won’t live forever I don’t care how much you may workout, eat healthy, and live a healthy life style.  You are still going to die.
  19. Last but not least we take our eternal home for granted.  For those of us that are saved we are going to Heaven.  That’s not true for the unsaved.  They go to a lake of fire forever and they will never get out.  Some of them may be your children, parents, kinfolks, friends including coworkers and teammates.

May God help you to give thanks for the things you take for granted.


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