Go And Sin No More

Our text today is taken from John 8:11 Jesus speaking. …go, and sin no more.

go and sin no moreThe context is a woman that was brought to Jesus caught in the act of adultery. The elders asked him about what the Bible said and what does he say. After he answered them and wrote some things on the ground, it was all over. They were pricked in their heart and they had a guilty conscience about the whole setup. Where was the man? See, it was a setup.

Anyway, they all left with only Jesus and her alone. By the way that’s the way it will end up with all of us. Just God and you.

Jesus said that he wouldn’t condemn her but he did say, “Go and sin no more.”

When we mess up we need to confess the sin and tell God that we are sorry and don’t do it no more. That is, don’t make the same mistake again. Unfortunately we all usually don’t learn and we do make the same mistakes over and over, don’t we?  Thank God for his mercy.

May God help you to…

Go, and sin no more.

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