Why Heaven Becomes More Appealing

Our text is taken from 1st John 3:3. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

elephant lakeIn the previous verses John describes how we are the sons of God even if it can’t be seen or detected right now. Then he goes on to say having this hope in you purifies you. The idea is that the more you think about his return and are aware of his return to be at anytime, the more you will desire to draw closer to him and will have a desire for heavenly things.

Here is some reasons why I desire Heaven.

1. I’m losing my health. Physically I’m deteriorating, so I am in need of a new body.
2. I’m losing my memory. I don’t retain things like I used too. In Heaven I’ll have the mind of Christ.
3. I’m losing my strength. I’m not near as strong as I used to be. In Heaven I’ll have a new body.
4. I’m losing my independence. I have to depend on others more and more. In Heaven I will be able to come and go and do the will of God without limits.
5. I’m losing my loved ones. As I lose my close family and friends I now have a desire to want to be with them. Praise God one day I will.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

You see, that’s what God wanted all along.  In this life he is preparing us for the life to come.

My prayer is that you allow him to, and may God give you the desire for Heaven and the will to walk closer to him.

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