Why Death? (part 1)

January 2015 will be a date to remember for me because my mom was called home to be with the Lord, so in light of her passing I thought I would make some observations concerning death and why we die according to the Bible.

Our text for this discussion will be from Hebrews 10:27.  …it is appointed unto men once to die….

Why Death 2Why Death?

Why do people have to die? Dying is a part of life and yet there is a reason why we all have to die. If Jesus doesn’t come back in our lifetime it will happen to all of us. We all will get our chance to be the main attraction at the funeral home.
The Holy Bible is the best place to go for answers on life and death since it is written by the one that said he was the resurrection and the life in John 11.  He understands what it is to die since he has died and resurrected from the dead to come back to tell about it. That would make him an authority on the subject. Never mind what you heard someone say about it just because he heard someone tell him some cock and bull story of what he experienced when it may or may not have happened at all. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has lied about dying and coming back. If people will lie about the Bible they will lie about after death experiences and I realize some may be legit but then again you don’t know for sure.

Jesus Christ has the keys of death and Hell so he would naturally know what he is talking about and the other stories are perhaps, just stories. Some true perhaps, and some, perhaps not true. Some people get into this kind of thing to the point of being obsessed about it. They would make good Athenians that “spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.” (Acts 17:21). So if you want to know what happens after one dies go to the authority, not a medium, fortuneteller, horoscope, palm reader, we ja board, or some phony celebrity.
This discussion is not a discussion of life after death anyway.
This is– Why death and why do we die and for what purpose is death?

So why does the Lord allow death and why is death necessary?

We shall list some reasons next time in part 2.


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