Why Death? (conclusion)

it is appointed unto men once to die….Hebrews 9:27.

Why Death part 1In conclusion hear are a few final reasons why we die.

7. Death is wages you have earned during your lifetime. God is just and he will pay you for what you earned. (Romans 6:23.) You sin by nature so you will get what is coming to you. God will pay you a just and fair payment and it will come on your payday; the day of your death. A funeral, a casket, a gravesite, and a lake of fire. These things you earned and as the T.V. commercials say, “You deserve it.”  ...and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. James 1:15.

8. To get some saved. (John 11:45) At the time of one’s death many hearts become tender more so than any other time so many will come to know the savior. It’s only in the valleys of death that you see the lilies of the valley. Folks can see Jesus during the death of a loved one more than at other times and as a result, many get saved. A funeral home is a good place to get saved. What better time to get eternal life? Yes, you have lost one, but if someone gets saved, you gain one.

Now, the next time you go to the funeral home perhaps this discussion will make it somewhat easier for you to understanding.

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