The Great Escape

Hebrews 2:3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation…

the great escapeThis text is in regards to all that God has done for us. After what he has done for you where would you be and what shall you do if you pass by his way of salvation and his purpose for you?

It is just like a man in jail. He is offered a pardon. If only he would receive it, but he does not. He maintains his innocence and his ego and pride will keep him from receiving the pardon to get out of jail.

You say, “How foolish?” Yes it is and yet thousands of people think that they will by pass God and his way to Heaven.   Jesus said he was “the way.”  Your way won’t work.

The text says, “How shall we escape?’ You won’t… so please don’t kid yourself. God’s salvation is a wonderful and great way to Heaven established by God himself. It is his way so don’t try to go your own way. It won’t work.
You will end up in a lake of fire forever all because you wanted to go your way, not God’s. How tragic and sad?  If you want to make a great escape from Hell call on Jesus to save you and relieve his pardon for you and your sins.

May God help you to see that so great salvation is to be received not by-passed.

How shall we escape…

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