The Way of All the Earth

Our text will be drawn from 1st Kings 2:2.  I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man;

King David is old and about to die.  He gives his son, Solomon charge to be strong and be a man so the Lord would bless him.

We will all go the way of all the earth.

Just as the king no doubt looked back on his life as indicated in the next several verses of our text it would to behoove us to do the same.

Most of us would say we want the Lord to bless us, but during the course of our life have we blessed God?

Have we done anything for the Lord?

Have we tried to encourage others?

Have we tried to help others, to witness to others, to pray for others, to love others, to be a friend to others, and to just be a blessing to others?

Have we served the Lord and others with the right spirit and motive?

Are we looking for the Lord to return?

If you can’t respond to these questions in a positive way remember…

You will go the way of all the earth.

May God help you to prepare for that day—NOW.

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