In the Beginning…

Our text today is the very first verse of the Holy Bible.   Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Our text is a simple one and yet there is a very simple and invaluable lesson for us to learn from.  If you want your day to start out right begin it with God.  How do I know this?  From personal experience.

This picture was taken early one morning while on a fishing trip in Minnesota.  What a great illustration of how our day should start.

In the physical ream the day starts with sunshine.  The same holds true in the spiritual ream. Start it with heavenly sunshine.  That is, start it with Jesus Christ, the “Son” of God, Heavenly Sonshine.  That’s why I named this website ‘Heavenly Sunshine.’  I just wanted to encourage you to start your day with the Lord Jesus Christ.                                                     The reason many days doesn’t end right is because it doesn’t start right. Notice, “In the beginning God…” See how the Bible starts? With God.  Not you, not yourself, not someone else. Why? Because no one else can help you get the victory from sin, temptation, and battles in the spiritual ream except God.  Put him first.  You will be surprised how the day will go from a spiritual standpoint and even though you may not get complete victory every single time from the devil and the flesh, you will have a much better chance to do so if you start your day with God. For one thing you will have a better conscience knowing you did the right thing and also you may not be taken off guard so easily when it comes to the devil, the flesh, and the world.

Begin your day with Heavenly Sonshine.  You will be glad you did.


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