In God we Trust

Our text for today will come from Psalm 40 verse 4.  Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust…

In a day and age where humanity is moving farther and farther from God it is harder and harder to find those that trust in the Lord.

So many put their trust in science, education, money, politics, and even religion as if either of these things will have the answer and deliverance to humanities’s problems.  Don’t waste your time considering them.  They will not be the deliverance nor the answer to the major problems of humanity.  Sickness, pain, sorrow, covetousness, disease, death, taxes, famine, and war are problems that need fixing and there is only one answer to all of these problems; the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the God of our salvation.

In our text the Psalmist says that we are blessed if we trust in the Lord.  Why?  He can deliver us from our trials; the others cannot.

May God help us to trust in Jesus Christ.  Anything else is just a dream that may one day turn into a nightmare.


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