We Will Wake Up From Our Dream

Our text is from Song of Solomon 2:10.  My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Our text is about a man calling his bride up from sleep to come away with him.

Because the Bible likens death to sleep, one day there will be a shout from the Lord to wake us up and to call us out and away from this earth so… this is a picture of the resurrection of the Church (the saved people).

When I think of all the worries, heartaches, trouble, sickness, sadness, sin, misery, war, and funerals I wish someone would shake me and say, “Wake up, wake up!”  Well, one day it will happen.

One of these days real soon the Lord will come and with a shout wake us up. If we are sleeping in the cemetery, or if we are alive, we will hear his voice and we will know who it is and we will be changed in a flash and our life on this earth as we know it (which will seem like a dream) will be all over.

Lord, please hurry up and wake me up!


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