He is not Here.

Our text will come from Matthew 28 verse 6. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.

It is the morning of the resurrection of Jesus and two ladies are coming to see the grave site. When they get there they see the stone rolled away that was used to cover the opening of the grave. There’s no one inside but there is an angel sitting on the stone which tells them that Jesus is not there just as he predicted.


So here’s an interesting thought. The angel said that he is not here.
Where are some places that he is not?
Here are some places you won’t find Jesus.

  1. In Churches that teach works as a means of salvation. If your sins can be paid for by your own works then Jesus wasted his time paying for them on the cross. If you study the gospels you will find that Jesus left the temple because they wouldn’t believe his words. Additionally, the Lord won’t let you steal his glory saving you. He does the saving, not you.
    2. In homes that don’t want him there. Jesus won’t go anywhere where he is not wanted. He always went to homes to where he was invited.
    3. In Bible revision committees and councils. The Lord Jesus Christ is not where men have changed, perverted, added to, corrupted, subtracted from, reworded, or revised what he said. He said what he meant and meant what he said.
    4. In the heart of unsaved people. The Bible says if we call on him and trust him to get us to Heaven he will save us. Romans 10:13. If we don’t trust him or call on him to save us, then he won’t.

My prayer is that were he is there you will be also.



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