American Idols

Our text is from Deuteronomy 28:14. And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.

Other Gods? Yes, even in America. We have so many. What is a god here in America? I’m glad you asked. Aside of the fact that we as a nation worship other people that have been famous for their singing and talents, political accomplishments, scientific discoveries, sports feats, and religious beliefs, Americans have many gods that they worship.

You see, a god is anything that you spend your time with and think about. That’s anything that consumes your thoughts, speech, and time. It becomes a god when you put it before the Lord. In a since we are all idolaters. We either worship God or a god, even if it is ourselves which some do while claiming to be atheists. God made us that way. We will worship something.

I am amazed at the people, even very young children that spend most of their waking time with their so called phones. No, they are not always calling people. They are going on line playing video games, doing people searches, downloading movies or music, or maybe even watching movies. They are reading what someone else has said to or about them on facebook, another god for many. They can’t even do their job for being on their phones. I suspect millions of dollars are being lost by workers across the country using their phones instead of doing their jobs. I see it at my place of employment. People have walked into pools at the mall not paying attention to where they are going because they are worshiping their gods. Millions of dollars are lost for auto accidents that have happened due to some worshiping their god, the phone. How sad we have become.

We have money, sex, drugs, alcohol, TVs, MP3 players, Ipods and Ipads, computers, phones, e-books and e-tablets, cameras, cars, boats, sports and sporting equipment, houses, tools, trees, bushes and various plants and flowers. We have as many gods as we have streets and cities.

The devil has us occupied with all kinds of gods so we don’t have time to focus on spiritual things and eternity. We don’t think about death and being prepared to meet the Lord. One day we will die and then being not prepared for eternity we will wish we had spent more time with the Lord rather than other gods.

What a waste and a total loss if you die without the Lord in your heart. Your god won’t be able to deliver you then.

May God help you to spend time with Him and not with other gods.

P.S.  What are you going to be doing this Sunday?

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